Reputable Property Managers in Parnell (Auckland, NZ)

Quinovic Property Management in Auckland has earned an enviable reputation for providing over 20 years of reliable property and tenant management for residential properties.

Our range of property management services is extensive, modern and well regarded by our rental property owners and investors.  As evidenced by the fact that our residential property management business tends to grow through word of mouth of our existing client base.

Specialised property account management ensures we can integrate all of the Quinovic property services to provide the complete management  service for you and your rented property.

To contact the specialist property management team call Quinovic Parnell.

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9 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Property Manager

Over the next few days Quinovic Specialist Residential Property Management Parnell will ask 9 questions you should ask when choosing a property manager. (The questions they don’t want you to ask)

Question One.

 Is Residential Property Management your core business. 

 Does the company focus on residential property management, or is it just one of their business activities?  Most property managers are primarily real estate agents, whose main activity is sales, but they also dabble in property management.

Quinovic Residential Property Management Parnell’s  sole focus is residential property management.

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