Weren’t Things Going to Get Better for Renters? Are the Headlines Making YOU Think?

Things were going to get better for rents under this government, weren’t they?

Housing was the current government’s top priority in the run-up to the election in 2017 with campaign promises such as:

  • Cracking down on property speculators and removing negative gearing
  • Improving rights for tenants and introducing new legislation to provide greater security
  • Passing the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill to raise the standard of rental properties
  • Funding tenancy compliance investigation teams to hunt down and stop delinquent landlords
  • Banning letting fees
  • Increasing tenants’ rights
  • Creating a level playing field for first home buyers
  • Promising to construct 100,000 new homes in New Zealand over the next 10 years* as part of the Kiwibuild scheme
  • To be fair, some of these promises have become reality. Some are also causing confusion or creating concerns amongst rental property owners. In particular those with one or two investment properties

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If this is you, it’s time to review the advice and services you are receiving.  You need to be sure the team you are working with knows how to help you maximise your investment returns.  They need to understand how to protect you from upcoming and ongoing changes in rental property legislation.

Talk to Quinovic Parnell.  We can help you to audit your home, townhouse, apartment or unit to ensure it meets the legislative changes coming as part of the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill.  We can also analyse your rental rates and rental returns.  We can give you advice on how to best present and market your property to maximise its investment potential.

We have the staff, the training and knowledge to ensure you are getting the right advice.  We can partner with you to help you face ongoing changes.

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* Source: Real-iQ