Why Looking for an Auckland Rental Property NOW Makes Perfect Cents

Were you one of the unlucky ones who missed out on their dream rental property last summer?  We discuss why moving in Autumn or Winter could be your best move yet.

The Auckland rental property market can be mad.  The competition can be fierce in Spring and Summer.  In the warmer months more rental properties come onto the Auckland market.  But there are more tenants looking for rental properties as well.

Tenants often need to be more innovative in their approach at viewings.  Those that don’t stand out from the crowd can miss out on their ideal place to call home.  At worst, they could have to settle for a place which has many drawbacks.

This busy period can often push prices up too.  More people move during Spring and Summer because:

  • The weather is better and it’s warmer
  • There are more daylight hours to shift furniture and organise things
  • It fits in with school terms
  • There are more properties available

Home for Rent in Auckland

If your circumstances allowed – what if you could put off moving?  Have you ever considered shifting in Autumn and Winter?

Moving in Autumn and Winter is impossible for some tenants.  Yet there are advantages to looking for an Auckland rental property during this period.

You could be on a periodic tenancy, or your lease might be coming to an end.  Do you renew, or take a look at what Auckland rental properties are available?  What is out there could surprise you – it could be your next dream property.  Due to changes in circumstances – tenants often need to break their tenancies.  The ideal place you saw 6 months ago and missed out on – could be up for rent.

The cooler months mean there are less Auckland properties available for rent.  There’s also fewer tenants looking to move, and less competition.  Property management companies often advertise “no letting fee”.

Are you or someone you know looking to rent an Auckland rental property?

Get in touch with Quinovic Parnell today.  We’ll regularly email our list of available properties:

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