Trends in Housing Rental Market

A recent report from MBIE (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment) website shows interesting trends for rents throughout New Zealand.

The report is produced quarterly and information is to the quarter ending September 2015.

Some of the trends shown in the reports indicate that the Auckland market growth rates are stabilising.

More in depth investigation show that since December 2014 the upward trend in Auckland house values has continued but the rate at which it is rising has stabilised.


Christchurch Housing Supply

MBIE forecasts that supply of housing is likely to catch up to demand in Christchurch around mid-2017, which is earlier than previous expectations.

Auckland Growth Rate Stabilises

The growth rate in both house values and rents in Auckland stabilized in December 2014. Since then the trend value in house values has grown steadily at 4% per quarter and the trend value in rents has grown at 2% per quarter.
This means that while rents and house values in Auckland are still growing, the growth rates have not increased in six months.

Note that this is a short time period (two quarters) and whilst it is an indicator is not sufficient to establish a reliable trend.

More in depth information can be found here