Question Three of 9 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Property Manager

9 Questions you should ask when choosing a property manager 

 Questions Three – Who owns the business?

Many property management businesses are just branches of larger companies, run by employees.

Quinovic Specialist Residential Property Management Parnell  is owner-operated. This means you can deal directly with the owners David Vinsen and Mary Vinsen. David and Mary are completely accountable for the performance of their staff and the management of your residential investment property. As property investors themselves, they understand the importance of property manager accountability and prompt response to clients about all range of issues connected with their residential property investment. As well as owning the Parnell Franchise , Mary and David are proud to be part of the overall Quinovic Property Management Franchise with its 22 plus years of experience. Quinovic Property Management is the fastest growing and largest Specialist Residential Property Management business in New Zealand.

Contact us  directly to talk about residential property management issues; we are 100% focussed on your investment property and draw on 22 plus years of experience as specialist property managers.

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